Don’t let you inner Grinch take over Christmas!

Is there a special secret to a non-stressful Christmas time. I’m not sure there is one but my own personal “top tip” would be to keep remembering what makes it a happy Christmas for you! Whether it’s your love of cheesy Christmas tunes, enjoying a whipped cream topped mince pie, watching Jim Carrey’s The Grinch for the 20th time or opening a kids selection box a few days early just because you have an uncontrollable chocolate urge. 

Spending time with family and friends who share the same ‘Christmas vision’ as you is another good one. So if it’s some quiet down-time with mulled wine and a cosy onesie, or party nights and champagne cocktails, just do what feels good for you!

Christmas is definitely not a time to get worked up or over-stressed!

Try these tried and tested festive self-care tips…

  • Don’t worry if you need to say no to plans or things you don’t feel up to doing
  • Don’t pressure yourself to spend money
  • Ask yourself: What is Christmas for me? What makes me happy?
  • Go outside and take a walk. Fresh air always helps
  • Eat well. Indulge in your fave treats but eat really well the rest of the time
  • Curl up with a book and move away from the laptop/phone
  • Be grateful for the little things that make your life special
  • Be creative. Enjoy the making process with no expectations
  • Remember to breathe… if you’re getting frustrated it will soon pass!

Here’s a great exercise to try if it feels like things are getting a little too much 🙂


This exercise will help to bring more of what you love and cut out what you loathe in your life. 

Write down some ideas about whenever you feel great and doing something you love. You look forward to doing or simply enjoy immensely. Now write down some ideas about when you feel a bit miserable and doing something you loathe, dread or hate doing!

Be specific!

  • Think about a typical week and imagine your activities day to day, remembering what you loved or loathed.
  • Are you surprised by the number of things you love or loathe?
  • Are there any common themes or patterns?
  • Have a think now about how you can reduce doing what you loathe or at least making it easier or more pleasurable
  • Finally, brainstorm some of things you can do to increase doing what you love – whatever pops into your head!

What’s your next step?

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