Your time for Growth

Being an artist is all about creativity so reflection time is not just important – it’s crucial! 

Making sure you take the time to pause and reflect first means we can dig deeper when setting goals that align with your overall vision. Not only does it give you the opportunity to acknowledge your challenges but your successes too. You can really think about what you’ve accomplished and what you’d like to achieve in 2019.

So roll on January and onto my big announcement!

I’m running individual ‘POWER’ sessions for artists and creatives in January, February and March – a 2 hour in-depth, focused workshop tailored to each person. Choose between a Vision Mood-board session or a Reflective Journalling session.

Keep reading below to learn more about the sessions…

It’s important to create and shape a Vision of your future so you have something to work towards. Through coaching you will create a mood-board from magazines and newspapers – an image-based snapshot of your goals, dreams, wants & needs for 2019 (and further ahead).  We will then identify your goals and create an action plan to move forward with.

REFLECTION: Together we will identify the conditions you need to be able to thrive in which will increase your confidence and resilience as an artist. We will spend time journaling, looking back over the last year and dreaming forwards to the year ahead. This allows you precious space to let loose and explore with colours, shapes, lines, and your words all at once. Journaling helps you to get in touch with your core self and work out what is most important.

Sessions are only £60 and I’ll bring most of the materials! You just need to bring yourself and for the Creative Journaling session bring a blank notebook or sketchpad you can’t wait to use.

Simply book direct with me via e-mail and we’ll arrange an introductory call to discuss your tailor-made session!

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