Workplace Coaching

Art Organisations & Creative Companies

Simply employing an individual is in the past. Offering them choice, progression and support is the new norm. 

Increasingly it’s becoming more of an employers responsibility to provide coaching and mentoring. Demonstrating your ability to develop a long-term relationship which inspires and motivates your staff to stay with your organisation. 

By doing this through coaching:

  • It encourages individuals to be pro-active and take the initiative 
  • They work smarter… and therefore harder
  • They identify any obstacles and how to overcome them
  • It encourages them to speak out which is good for their mental health and wellbeing
  • It bridges any gaps between personal growth and professional development tapping into any yet un-identified skills – plus expand their existing skills
  • Lastly it encourages company ambassadorship through shared values

Coaching in the workplace usually has an immediate impact. The Coach is helping to improve the individual’s own performance through helping them to have more self-awareness, a focused action plan and support through the learning journey. We concentrate on the present, rather than on the past or distant future – always working towards a clear organisational or company objective.

Coaching is completely confidential, yet as their Coach I can help them to identify best practice and working within the organisation or company to achieve the same objectives.

Creativity is a strong part of the coaching process. Building an individuals resilience in a positive way – developing the right attitudes, mindset and interactions are key for a healthy working environment where individuals can be themselves. Enhancing these values and attitudes naturally unleashes their creative problem solving and innovation.

According to Harvard Business Review, improving employee engagement strongly impacts the overall well-being of your organisation, including the financial well-being: