Encouraging change through creativity

Did you realise that being creative through art, writing, photography or any special activity will promote change for you as a person. We change through our relationship with the creative act itself…

– By choosing our materials and methods
– Finding out what works and what doesn’t
– What suits our needs and what doesn’t
– Making choices based on these discoveries

Coaching and creative thinking also go hand-in-hand… 

When making inquiries into ourselves, fresh ideas rise up, creating inspiring new visions for action. Change occurs as we gain greater confidence, clarity and creative purpose!

This is why we can often become unstuck when we stop ‘making’. Every little creative act gets us a little further along the way to discovering something new. Just like when we walk down the street we don’t know what’s around the next corner until we get to it.

So even if we’re not quite certain what to try next in the creative process, by doing something it means we’re closer to discovering if its good… or not! Our ability to make decisions based on this information therefore also increases our ability to adapt and change. That’s why you always hear the saying ‘Just DO IT’ –  it’s good to do something in order to keep moving forward!

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