How creative journaling can help you to discover what lights your fire

Discovering what lights your fire and brings you joy is what creative journalling is all about!

We all have an inner flame that needs lighting so by taking some time to pause, take stock and reflect on our lives we can uncover and nurture our personal potential. 

Increasing our self-awareness of what makes us tick, noticing how we cope with stressful situations, digging deep into what we enjoy and love means we can work past our fears and aim straight for happiness.

Journaling isn’t about performance or perfection, it’s about the process. You can write, draw, doodle, cut out images and words – anything and everything to describe how you’re feeling towards a certain subject. I use journalling in coaching because it taps into your inner knowledge and wisdom. We usually know what we need to do but teasing it out and understanding what it is can take some time. Journaling allows you to gain perspective in a fun, relaxed way.

Celebrating and acknowledging your successes is really important too as you focus on the positive, the positive grows!

When it comes to using journaling to define and achieve your goals, you’re much more likely to succeed because you’re working intuitively to express yourself. In other words, you can actually SEE what it is you’re trying to achieve because you’ve drawn or written it in your journal.

Here’s a few journaling examples:

Creative journaling: Use your thoughts, feelings and observations as prompts to visualise your ideas and dreams. Think in a visual way!

Purely writing: A good example is Morning Pages from the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. Simply write for 3 whole pages. It doesn’t matter what you write, as you long as you write! You can also do this during the day or at night before bedtime to free up your mind.

Mind-mapping: write down the main theme of your idea, draw a big circle around it, then think of other ideas which relate to it. You then connect your sub ideas to the main idea, creating a mind map.

Bullet journaling: a coded system for organising your thoughts and creative activities. More like a diary where you can make your own daily, weekly and monthly planners to keep super organised!

One sentence journals: just write a single sentence at the end of each day. Before you know it you’ll have months of sentences written down!

Whichever way you’d like to start journaling, the main thing is to try it! There’s no pressure to achieve. You can just be yourself whenever you need some “me time”. 

Watch my second Journaling video to see how to get started.

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