Upping your resilience levels

As an artist, photographer, writer or creative entrepreneur there’s nothing we understand more through our working life than resilience. And what is this resilience? Is it our capacity to keep painting when we don’t always get selected for the exhibitions we want to be in. Is it working day after day writing 1000 words to secure that publishing deal. Is it climbing to the top of that mountain in the Lake District at 4am to take the perfect picture. Or is it getting up everyday and once your kids are at school working on your Etsy creations to build your mini creative empire.

The Arts Council partly define ‘resilience’ as

” …seizing opportunities, identifying and mitigating risks, and deploying resources effectively.”

Being in and amongst my peers in the Creative Industry earlier this month made me sit up and realise that looking to your peers for learning, support and understanding was a fantastic opportunity. It’s fair to say that other artists know better than anyone else what it takes to be an artist!

Another area I recognised – personally and professionally – is to get regular inspiration. Whether it’s getting outside, going to an art exhibition, looking at Instagram (for a short time only ideally!!) is paramount to our future growth. We can’t live in isolation at the end of the day, plus networking with other creatives is a great way to get in touch with your peers.

Input. Input. Input. Are we so frightened to get proper, critical feedback? It’s good to stretch ourselves and whether we like it or not IT WILL push us forward! Which leads nicely onto being non-judgemental – about your own work – or others work. Opening our minds. Art is subjective which is why it’s so fantastic!

Lastly, it’s not child’s play (well it is!) but to experiment and play is the foundation to our wellbeing and feeding our creative juices. So let’s feed it!

How you should feel when your resilience levels are high…

  • Ability to reflect
  • Having good intentions
  • Planning is clear
  • Feeling calm
  • Being renewed and invigorated
  • Maximising confidence
  • Feeling fulfilled
  • Maintaining meaningful connections

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