Getting your groove on

So you’re in THE ZONE and loving it! 

I love it when you’re in THE ZONE. You feel strong in so many ways. Unstoppable. Momentum builds and you’re on it faster than a rocket can lift off. Not only do you push past any limitations you may have previously placed on yourself, but everything comes with ease. I’m not saying you’re not working hard. Far from it. But creating and doing whether it be the fun stuff or the more boring stuff like admin it’s a win-win all round.

So how can you stay in THE ZONE:

  • Channel your energy wisely: prioritise and get things done (even the boring stuff!)
  • Whatever way works best for you keep doing it
  • Ensure your workspace is kept on top off (whether its ultra clear or an organised mess!)
  • It’s the perfect time to try things you might not necessarily do
  • Keep momentum up and close the door to avoid distractions
  • Reward yourself for such fab work
  • Get things ready for the next push
  • A little stress is fine as long as you keep ‘checking-in’ with yourself
  • Sleep! If you can 🙂

Coaching is also another great way to check-in with your progress and put perimeters in place to ensure you achieve your goals. Stay permanently in THE ZONE with coaching!

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