Navigating Brain Fog

So what is Brian Fog? Well it’s when you can’t see the wood for the trees, everything is blurry and it’s hard to focus. Even the simplest of things are hard to do and you can’t think properly. I’ve felt it myself when suddenly everything is out of reach and difficult to even attempt. It’s not a nice place to be in but you can find your way out.

It takes some time but it is possible to free yourself of Brain Fog, but the first thing to not do is push yourself. Pushing yourself only makes it worse as your brain just can’t cope. It’s about stepping back and letting it just be. Living with the fog it’s important to not attempt to do anything too big. And in an ideal world you should let your mind rest, as hard as this may be, you need to for a little while.

Personally yes I resisted. I tried to brainstorm my way out of the fog, thinking that if I tried to tap into my creative zone that I’d see the fog lift. But it wasn’t that simple. My brain needed the exact opposite. So instead of motivating and inspiring it into action I needed to completely switch it off. Call it a vacation for the brain. I slept, rested, read magazines and didn’t think about what I needed in my life or wanted it to be. I’ll admit that walks seemed too much – usually a time for consideration and reflection – they became tortuous. I had to accept that it wasn’t possible to function normally during this time. I had to switch off. Luckily I was in fact on holiday at the time so it meant putting away my notebooks and action planning for the month ahead and just nurture myself for a little while by doing nothing.

A few days later, the flog started to clear a bit and I was able to write this blog. Which then actually helped as another form of release. Finally I could apply myself again. It’s small steps and remembering not to rush into full-on action mode is hard but necessary.

I need to remind myself that if your mind and body shuts down it’s usually telling you something So my best advice is to stop, listen and be. It’s a tough ride but the fog will lift when it’s ready to.

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