Understanding productivity is the key to unlocking it

As a life coach I would love to be ultra-productive all of the time and I’m sure you’d love to be too. So if we want it that much why does it feel like it happens not often enough! It’s a case of asking ourselves how to increase our productivity without having to work longer and harder! And funnily enough, thinking creatively or ‘outside-of-the-box’ helps to achieve this.

Although creativity and work productivity are usually seen as qualities on opposite ends of the spectrum, there are actually ways we can harness both to achieve our goals. Think of it this way, you can’t have one without the other. 

Creativity is what gives you the ideas and productivity is what is needed to make them a reality! Who knew it was this simple!

Creativity or Productivity (or both!)

As I often explain in my personal coaching and workshops, every project or goal can be broken down into smaller steps and each of these steps will require a lesser or greater amount of creativity or productivity. Knowing which steps require your most creative or productive self will help you to organise your time better. For example, if you’ve completed the initial creative process of developing a design you can then get ready for the next stage of producing it.

Here’s some top work productivity tips:

  • Brainstorm!
    Yes it’s important to do this most days, for at least 20 minutes write down everything that comes into your mind. It gives your brain space to create new possibilities.
  • Take regular breaks from your creative work and be able to step away when you begin to feel overwhelmed.
    Giving yourself a break means you put some distance between you and the work, allowing you to think more openly and objectively about a project, exhibition or situation.
  • Schedule your work to capitalise on your most productive working hours.
    Monitor your progress over the course of a typical week and record your efforts in a diary. You should be able to maximise your productive hours and take breaks when you feel less motivated.
  • You can now use mobile apps to manage and channel your creativity.
    One example is the RescueTime application which enables you to track your daily habits in detail and identify any areas where you are being unproductive. Great for us creatives as we can easily lose focus or become distracted by sources of inspiration (hello Instagram)!
  • Have an active lifestyle to optimise creativity.
    Exercise has the potential to clear cluttered minds and aid the creative-thinking process. Just as walking can be meditative.
  • Maintain perspective and a sense of fun in your work.
    Creativity can be easily stifled by pressure. So if you do find yourself feeling pressurised or demotivated, take time out to regain your focus and tap back into your initial source of inspiration.
  • Develop stress management skills.
    It totally makes sense to be proactive and avoid the pressure caused by unrealistic deadlines or rigid project criteria.
  • Don’t be easily influenced by conventional thinking.
    Independence of thought is pivotal for creatives. Don’t be too easily swayed by assured, intelligent yet conventional individuals!
  • Create a music playlist to aid your creative output.
    The relationship between creativity and music is well known. Music improves your mood and helps you to maintain higher levels of productivity therefore incorporate this into your working day.
  • Unwind and relax your mind during sleep.
    We, creative people are known to be particularly emotional and passionate about their work! This means that it can become consuming over time. Try to relax your mind for 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep, as it will give you a chance to properly unwind and take a mental break from your workload. Camomile tea or a bath is great too 🙂

Thanks to Life Hack for their helpful suggestions!

Life coaching aids your productivity in lots of ways, unique to every individual it allows you to maximise your big dreams and goals by being efficient in everyday tasks and decisions. Contact me for more information!

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