Vision Boards: Mid-Year Review

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Did you create a Vision Board at the beginning of the year and did you put it up somewhere you can regularly see and check-in with?

If so, well done! I trust you’re sticking to your goals on a regular basis and working towards your long-term Vision. Remember if you keep true to your core values you’ll stay on the right path.

If not, don’t lose heart as there’s a glimmer of recognition now in realising you haven’t stuck to it! Perhaps your overall Vision isn’t strong enough or your small steps to achieving your bigger goals are still too big. Break them down even more and celebrate each and every inch forward! Even at a snails pace you’ll reach your goal, rather than always staying in the same spot.

It’s okay you know. Any time you want to check-in and re-cultivate your Vision, values and goals then do so. Things evolve. Circumstances change. You change!

1. No matter how far you’ve got, grab a drink, sit down and do a review of the year so far. Consider what’s worked and what hasn’t.
2. Ask yourself if you need to change your goals or your big Vision.
3. Then do it! Review and re-form your goals (even if it means ditching a goal).

Good luck and remember I’m here for you if you need some additional coaching. Contact me here.

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