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What is the status quo and why does it fill many people with dread at the very sound of it.

Personally I think its because it makes us think of the establishment, and of rules or regulations which in turn increases our worry about being judged if we don’t stick to the status quo.

The status quo is almost an invisible law that means you should or shouldn’t do something, and potentially do something in a specific way. This is why rule breakers are seen as entrepreneurial rebels, whatever field, sector or industry they’re in. We give much kudos to these rebels for they seemingly act from the heart, rather than the head. And usually they make great strides because they have gone against the grain and tried something different, even if it means being ridiculed at the time.

Can you think of any new product launches that at the time seemed crazy and a waste of time only for them to succeed HUGELY. From Apple and McDonalds to Innocent Smoothies and Dyson, their ideas may seem radical at the time but fast forward a few years and they’re everyone’s staple go-to product, and life would seem odd without them!

Behind all of these ideas and products are creative individuals that have the guts and determination to keep going forward even though the status quo is in opposite alignment. And we live in a world where pretty much anything goes. Every idea can be sown but the amount of care and attention you give it will ultimately determine how well it does. How far do you want to push it. How different do you want it to be depends on you.

So how can you too shake off the shackles of the status quo?

  • Think about your ideas from all perspectives
  • Make choices that explore new and fresh thinking
  • Assess the risks and dive right in
  • Really believe that you’ll make a difference

Know that whatever happens you’ll grow and learn from every move you make.

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