Tackling Imposter Syndrome

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Have you ever felt like a fraud, or perhaps that you didn’t deserve something? Experiencing Imposter Syndrome is a common feeling these days as our jobs and lives become more demanding.

There’s a number of ways it can appear and you might recognise one (or some) of them!

For example, your inner critic may stop you from seizing opportunities or when you get feedback you might fixate on anything deemed slightly negative. You might not feel worthy of attention so don’t share your ideas or feel you’ve just got lucky and haven’t earned what you have achieved.

Fortunately there are easy strategies to overcome these thoughts and tackle imposter syndrome…

– Voice your fears: mention it to someone else and you might find out how common it is to feel this way.
– Think about a recent achievement: now list all the steps you took to make it happen. This will help you to realise that it took hard work to get to where you are now.
– Compare yourself with yourself, not others: everyone’s journey is unique.
– Look back at your younger self and see how much you’ve grown and matured: we’re always in a state of progress and we’re always growing and learning.
– When you see something tricky: don’t stop! Take it as a chance to learn rather than a stumbling block in your way.
– Establish a strong support network around you: surround yourself with positivity which will help you to believe in you!

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Thanks to Health & Beauty mag (Boots) for their useful info 🙂

Another recent video I’ve seen which tackles Imposter Syndrome is a surprising one featuring two celebrities as they promote their new film Maleficent… yes I’m talking about Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning! Here’s a link to the video where they talk about overcoming self doubt and criticism.

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