Coaching and growth

Productivity takes Effort

We all need to grow. Like a plant we just need a little sun and water.

So instead of thinking you can’t do that, think what am I missing so I can do it. If you don’t think your smart enough, then now is a good time you learnt how to do it. If its too hard, perhaps give yourself more time to do it. And if you make mistakes, consider where did it go wrong and how can I improve for next time I try it?

We need to go easy on ourselves, everything is a learning curve. Lean into it and enjoy the journey. Learn and grow!

Here’s 10 extra ways to help you to be more productive

  • Get up a little earlier while its still quiet
  • Do the most important thing you need to do FIRST
  • Focus on your progress not just the outcome
  • Put yourself into a productive environment
  • Don’t complain about not having enough time!
  • Take time to plan and prioritise… make a list
  • Avoid multitasking… do one thing at a time!
  • Set routines to avoid being distracted
  • Know your peak times… you’re at your best
  • Put tasks in your phone or on a weekly desk calendar
  • There’s no such thing as Perfect so do it anyway
  • Leave some time in your schedule for you (so you don’t feel hard done by)

Remember to take every day as it comes. You never know what’s around the corner so if an unexpected project, order or family commitment springs up you’re prepared. Most importantly because you’re so organised it won’t mess up your working week too much.

Coaching can really help to inspire and motivate you… contact me here!

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