What’s important to you?
What goals do you want to achieve?
What’s holding you back?

Together we will look at where you are now and where you want to be. We will identify new paths and ways for you to expand. I can guarantee that with each session your confidence will grow and provide the framework as you forge ahead towards success – however this looks like to you.

You might have an instant idea of what you’d like to work on or if its a little more generic then we can see what happens throughout the coaching sessions. It really is in your hands – this is your one-way ticket to pushing your life and career forward.

I can offer you…

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Ultra positivity (I can’t help it)
  • Clarity – see more clearly about your situation
  • Totally unbiased – I’m not here to judge


Shout out to all creatives… Have you been in your role for a few years and need to re-evaulate? Are you freelance and need new ways to find business? Are work or life distractions using up all your energy so you want to discover a fresh perspective? Do you need to re-find your creative balance? Then coaching is for you!

Calling all artists… Is anything hindering your creative/art process? What does your art really mean to you? Are you feeling stuck and wondering what to do next? Do you have outstanding goals that still need achieving? Are external influences affecting your art and you need help to resolve them? Do you have a big exhibition you need to prepare for? Then coaching is for you!

Hello all creative business owners… Do you need an external person to help you see more clearly about your business? Do you have a big project and need help breaking it down? Do you have a mountain of work and want help prioritising? Do you feel your team members could use coaching to improve their performance? Then coaching is for you!

Coaching is a fantastic process and will help to give you the push you need as a one-off intervention, but use it as an ongoing programme and it can be crucial to your future success. Honestly the results can be amazing!

According to the Institute of Coaching the personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging:

– Establish & take action towards achieving goals
– Become more self-reliant
– Gain more job & life satisfaction
– Contribute more effectively to a team & company
– Take greater responsibility for actions
– Work more easily & productively with others
– Communicate more effectively 

Lastly, I’m often asked what is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

A mentor offers advice on specific tasks such as an artist statement or how to implement a social media strategy. A coach facilitates a relationship alongside you to maximise your potential and future performance.