“Six sessions with Jenny challenged me to think carefully about what I was doing and why in all areas of my life, not just my art. It enabled me to focus on the important things and make time to cultivate what matters – which of course means letting go of things that may be good but which get in the way. It was the kind of kickstart which I believe we all need from time to time, and has given me the tools to carry out a regular review of where I am, even who I am, and what I want to be doing. I thoroughly recommend Jenny’s ‘Coachworx’ sessions.” A.B, Artist

“It was a pleasure meeting Jenny. She is friendly, professional, positive, supportive and approachable. She listened to my plans and both career-related and personal concerns, helped me weighed up practicalities, pros and cons of my options, and then helped me focus on my ultimate goal.

We made a quick simple plan to kick-start my new creative career plans. I now have some practical tools to help me plan my week, working directly towards my goals, and I have a half year and year goal. It was mostly stuff I kind of knew deep down already but I feel a lot more focused and in control of where I want to go and feel that I have got all the pieces of the puzzle together and I got some useful advise too, to hopefully stop me going off-track. It was definitely worth my relatively small amount of time and money meeting Jenny. Thank you!” M.Smith, budding Illustrator & Creative

“My coaching session with Jenny was really helpful in giving me greater clarity and focus about my art practice. I came away feeling excited about putting the plan we discussed into action. I appreciated Jenny’s expertise as both an artist and coach. Jenny put me at ease with her friendly approach and it felt like we achieved a lot in the hour in a relaxed way.” Amy, Artist

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the IGNITE session, it was amazing and has made a huge difference to my business. I had no idea what to expect of the day and thought it may be more to do with running businesses but I was amazed to discover the benefit of examining our personalities and how and why we are driven or held back. Since the sessions I have forged ahead and created a studio in my home and began to take myself seriously as an artist. With my studio up and running and being able to focus on my work I began to be inundated with commissions leading up to Christmas! Astounding the difference self belief can make? I also feel very positive for the new year and going forward into 2019… thank you once again.” Mo Hawthorn, Artist artist feedback Coaching

“Fantastic small group session yesterday by Jenny from Coachworx at Dot-Art, Liverpool. Jenny was very approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. She led us, all artists, through a series of intensive exercises which enabled us to set individual, short and long term goals for ourselves and make an action plan to take us forward. We were able to focus on our strengths and manage our weaknesses. I can thoroughly recommend Jenny as a coach to any creative, wanting to get more focus back into their art practice.” Hilary Dron, Artist

“I have recently worked with Jenny over two sessions and found her approach to coaching beneficial to my business. Very approachable and with a lovely, friendly manner, Jenny worked with me to develop a plan. Without putting words into my mouth, we exchanged lots of ideas and had some searching discussions about what I wanted to do and what I needed to do to get there.The questioning particularly challenged me, which was good. Jenny was prepared to ask open-ended questions and give me the thinking time to formulate my answers before asking again to enable me to dig deeper into the ideas and make any plans/action which followed more robust. Its still early days but I have already achieved a number of tasks from my new plan and have enjoyed the feelings of achievement that his has brought.”  E.P. Photographer, Cumbria

“Coaching removed all of these layers of doubts and overwhelm that had weighed me down. I had artist’s block and felt that the business side was just this huge impenetrable wall.  Coaching gave me confidence, clarity and a lightness that’s seen me back in the studio, the place I love best, doing what I love best. On the business side of things, that wall is down and I’m racing through a huge task list on my shiny new action plan! I absolutely recommend coaching with Jenny.”  H.H. Artist, Cumbria

“A rare opportunity in a hectic schedule to get in touch with personal & professional plans that have been on the back boiler for far too long. A chance to give them some air play, attention and potentially action!”  D.C. Artist & Workshop Facilitator, Cumbria

“Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in your own thoughts and not be able to work out the first steps towards a goal. Jenny’s coaching really helped me focus on small steps that will help me progress both with my art practice and wider career.”  L.H. Artist, Carlisle

“It’s so hard to know where to start when you feel you’ve completely lost your creative mojo. Artists block is a horrible thing to be in the midst of,  and what little things I was creating all felt lacklustre and pointless. There are plenty of life coaches out there, but rarely one who specifically works with artists, and in fact is an artist herself, so when I came across Jenny’s artists coaching sessions, I immediately gave it a try.  When I first spoke to Jenny there was no doubt I was in a creative funk. It seemed a little odd at first to be chatting to a random stranger about how stuck I was feeling, but the direction she took the conversation in was thought provoking, reassuring, and perhaps most importantly motivational.  

Talking to a fellow creative with a fresh perspective and who didn’t know me personally was actually a very refreshing experience. Ideas were soon flowing and Jenny has the balance of posing the right questions along with gentle suggestions just right. Since our phone sessions I have begun to relax about what I am producing and I’m trusting the process a little more rather than getting fixated on the end result (something I often tell the children I work with to do but needed reminding of myself). I have produced more work in the couple of weeks since our coaching sessions than I have all year, and would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing a creative drought.”  M.B. Artist & Creative Biz Owner, Bolton